5 Ways to Enjoy Your Deck This Summer


Summer has officially arrived and what better way to enjoy the weather than on a brand new deck? In addition to increasing your home’s value and adding to its look and feel, decks provide a wealth of benefits for homeowners. Here are just five ways that you can enjoy your deck this summer:


One of the best uses for your deck is grilling — whether you are cooking for your family, or having some friends over, grilling is a great way to take advantage of your deck. During the “dog days of summer”, it often becomes too hot to cook outside. Your deck offers some fresh air and an opportunity to cook for others.


Pools: a timeless way to beat the heat. Instead of having to fight beach traffic or sharing a municipal pool with the general public, why not install an above ground pool on your deck? Pools not only help you cool off, but can provide hours of entertainment for family and friends. Best of all, you don’t have to share your pool with anyone else.


Have a green thumb? Decks also provide New Englanders with a space on which they can garden. Adding plants and flowers to a deck offers homeowners a recreational activity, while also sprucing up the look of the deck.


If your deck is big enough, it can serve as the perfect spot to host summer parties! Consider adding a bar or outdoor fireplace to your deck for added entertainment and appeal!


One of the best uses of a deck in the summertime is also one of the simplest. Decks are a great place to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the warmer weather. Boston Porch and Deck recommends adding plenty of deck furniture so that you can enjoy your backyard in total comfort.

For more ideas on how you can enjoy your deck this summer, contact Boston Porch and Deck today!

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