Deck Restoration

Having a deck to use during the summer is a luxury that everyone should enjoy. From enjoying a summer barbecue with friends and family to enjoying the sun on an afternoon, having a deck can be a wonderful addition to your home. If your deck is in poor condition is can be a hazard to you and your family, and restoring should be a priority before you start using it.

Common issues

  • Support beams have aged and are weaken
  • Your wood has cracked, rotten, or become loose.
  • Check if your handrails are loose
  • Deck becomes slanted
  • Water damage
  • Boards Gaps have expanded


Here at Boston Porch and Deck Co., we can fix all of these issues and more. Our professional will come to your home and will examine your deck and find any issues and explain the repairs that we will need do to ensure your deck is safe to use.

What if my deck is beyond repair?

Sometimes we come across decks that are beyond repair and it this can be the result of structure issues. Our professional can also assist you with constructing a new deck that will last for years. For more information about restoring your deck, or to schedule a free estimate, please give Boston Porch and Deck a call at 508-386-8107


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