Should I Get My Deck Resurfaced?

Many New Englanders still prefer to have wooden decks,  which can leave you with splitters. Even if your deck is in great condition, you still have to bear the lava-like wood during the hot summer months.




If the boards on your deck start to look worn out but your framing is still in good shape, then you should consider having your deck resurfaced with Trex. Trex is a long-lasting and low-maintenance material that would hurt your bare feet when you walk on it. This is not only durable but is eco-friendly, with boards consisting of 95% recycled wood and plastic. Trex is made from reclaimed sawdust, so that mean no trees are cut down to make Trex products.

Trex offers homeowners the luxury of wood without all the hassle of maintaining it throughout the years. So put away your paint brush and that bucket of staining and sealing because these composite boards can withstand snow, sleet, and the sun while maintaining their color. You can finally enjoy the comfort of your deck year after year.

Other Composite Material

Trex isn’t the only material you can use for your deck to withstand the harsh New England weather. If you drive around a suburban town outside of Boston, then you will see that the majority of the decks built today are made from wood, but don’t be a fool. Wooden deck are typically cheaper but is not really the right move considering the amount of maintenance that comes with it.  Composite materials only require a simply sweep and quick scrub with soapy water to keep clean and if you ever have trouble with termites eating your deck, well now you can enjoy your summer worry free with a composite deck.

Contact Boston Porch and Deck Co. to have your deck resurfaced. We have served Marblehead MA, and the Greater Boston Area since 1984 and will help you resurfacing your deck.

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The Benefits of Cable Railings on your Deck



If you are looking for a fresh and modern look for your deck, you can’t go wrong with cable railings. This style of decking has seen tremendous growth over the years, and homeowners are enjoying the sleek look that it give to their deck. Whether you are installing regular cable or steel railings, knowing that material is stronger than most wood, is comfort you and your whole family can enjoy.


Installing cable railing as oppose to traditional wood railings, allows you to enjoy the entire view that your deck has to offer, which is often hindered by traditional wood railings. Traditional wood railings are made thicker, so that is stronger, but at the price of blocking the view that your deck.


In addition to improving your view of your deck, you get to have an option of how the railings are installed. Unlike traditional decks where the railings are installed vertically, cable railings can be installed horizontally. While traditional vertical cable railings are common, many homeowners have opted for the horizontal railings because of the modern aesthetic look that it give to their deck. Horizontal railings also have the benefit of creating a casual appearance for a deck, especially one with a wide view.


One of the greatest benefits of installing cable railings to your deck is the minimal maintenance that it will require. One of the few maintenance requirements that cable railings need is the occasional tightening. However, high-quality cables minimize the need to tighten the cables. Overall cable and steel railings provide a safe and aesthetically appealing deck that your friends and family can enjoy.

If you are interesting installing cable or steel railings to your deck or porch, or if you just have more questions about them, Please give Boston Porch and Deck today at .

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Top 5 Mistakes of Deck Building

Building a new deck can be a great invest for your home and family, especially when it’s summer. Ensuring that your deck is built properly should be your main concern when designing and building your deck. Here are the top five mistakes made when building a deck.


  • Forgetting to obtain a building permit before starting the project.

One the first things a homeowner and their contract should have before beginning the process of building your new deck. Forgetting to apply for a permit through your City Hall can halt your process could cost you hundreds in fines from the city. Typically permits process requires a sketch and specification of the deck you intend to build. The City’s Building Inspector will verify your plans to make sure that your plans meet the local safety and building. We recommend visiting your city inspector before beginning construction on your new deck


  • Installing Incorrect Fasteners

When designing your new deck, you must consider how your deck is going to be attached to your home. The durability and safety of your deck are determined by the way you choose to attach your deck to your home.


  • Incorrect Footings

Undersized footings are a common mistake that inexperienced contractors make. The base of your deck is determined by the footings. If your footings are uneven, it can cause sagging, warping or even the collapse of your new deck.


  • Improperly Installing Flashings

Flashing should be properly installed to prevent water from damaging your home. Water enters into your home at the point where the deck connects to your home. If your flashings are improperly installed, then it can cause erosion to the structure of your home and deck.


  • Improper Materials

Because our deck will be exposed to the elements than it is important that your deck is built with weather resistant materials to prevent rot and deterioration. We recommend using treated wood and materials that are designed to hold up against all weather conditions.


If you have questions about deck designs or are considering building a deck, then contact Boston Porch and Deck Co., and we will help you build your new deck.

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Now Hiring Carpenters

Boston Porch and Deck is currently looking for experienced carpenters to join its team! Our ideal candidate is an individual with experience in building and repairing decks, porches, decks and railings. Having your own tools is a plus. We are experiencing great growth and we want to find qualified individuals to help us continue this success. If you or someone you know is qualified for this position,  please contact John Serven at or 978-360-0060


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Which Type of Material Should I Build my Deck With?

So, you are planning to build a new deck for your home and family to use this summer, one the first questions you should ask yourself is “What type of material should I use?” Determining the right material for your deck can be as important as the design of the deck itself. Each type of material has different cost and level of maintenance associated with it.

Wood Decking

Redwood, Cedar and Mahogany

This material is the most popular amongst homeowners because of the overall natural beauty that it gives to your deck and home.


  • Has a natural smell and look
  • Strong material that can last over 20 years with proper maintenance
  • Proven resistant against bugs and rot


  • Some hardwoods can be some of the most expensive material
  • Requires the most maintenance out of all materials
  • Price and availability are limited depending on the region you live in

Pressure Treated Wood

This wood is treated with toxic and corrosives that help it stand up to the elements better than redwood and cedar.


  • Cheaper than redwood and cedar
  • Ideal for structural and surface decking
  • Even more resistant to water, rot and insects
  • Can last 15-20 years if maintained properly


  • The chemical treatment gives the wood an unnatural color
  • Wood tends to bend and warp easily
  • Requires yearly washing, sanding, and sealing

Composite Decking

This material is made from a blend of plastic and waste wood fiber. The benefit of choosing composite decking is that it comes in over a dozen different colors to match your home.


  • Weather and stain resistant
  • Lightweight material
  • Lower maintenance required than regular wood
  • Relatively cheaper than wood, depending on brand


  • Has an unnaturally look and feel to it
  • Depending on brand, material can be slippery
  • Not resistant to mold and mildew
  • Tends to bend easier than wood

Vinyl Decking:

This material is made like a composite type deck, but is 100% plastic. Vinyl decking is easy to work with and most vinyl decking brands come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and rotting.


  • Requires the least amount of maintenance of any material
  • Variety of color options to choose from
  • Resistant to weather, insects, mold and mildew
  • Does not crack or spilt


  • Can not be painted or stained
  • One of the more expensive materials to use
  • Reflect heats, causing decks to seem warmer

If you feel you need more professional advice on choosing the right material, please call Boston Porch and Deck Co. and we will help you pick out the right material for your new deck!

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How Do I Know if I Need a New Deck?

Scan 2

Decks sit through rain, sleet, hail, snow, sun, and other outdoor elements that wear them out.  By doing a little inspection of the key elements of your deck, you’ll know if it’s safe for a little longer, or if you should repair/replace it asap.

Consider the age – if your deck is older than 6 years, it will probably need a professional inspection to make sure all of the standards are up to code.  The age of your deck is relative to the kind of exposure to harsh elements it receives.  If your deck withstands harsh elements all year long, especially extreme temperatures from season to season, frequently having a professional deck inspection is a smart idea.

Consider the material – Real wood decks and composite decks show their wear and tear in different ways.  If you have a real wood deck, inspect for warping of the boards.  If you have a composite deck, inspect for fading of the color.  Either of these could call for new deck boards.

Inspect the posts – If you have an older deck, it is most likely that the posts rest directly on the footings, which can cause them to soak up water.  Water can build up at the base of the posts of your deck, causing rot and water damage.  If you dig out these posts and find rot or water damage, you’ll need to replace them right away.  It’s possible to replace a few posts without tearing down the entire deck, but if every post needs to be replaced, it may be time for a new deck.

Inspect the joists – Joists also hold up your deck, which make them vital to the stability and safety of it.  If your joists show rot or the wood is soft, these are signs that they need to be replaced.  Joists are hard to replace without tearing up a portion of the deck, so if they show damage, it’s more than likely time to replace your deck.

Inspect the railing – Check to make sure the railings don’t have any signs of rot or water damage, and that they don’t shake when your grab them.  Since people tend to lean or sit on them, it is very dangerous to have unstable railings.  Shaky railings won’t cause the entire deck to collapse, but it is a major safety hazard.  Luckily, if it’s just your railings where you’re seeing decay, you can replace them without replacing the entire deck.

Inspect the ledger board – The ledger board is the part of the deck that attaches to the rest of your house.  If this is rotted or pulling away from your house, it can cause the entire deck to collapse.  You’ll also want to check to make sure you have a ledger flashing, which is what keeps the water from getting in-between your deck and your home.  You can easily check to see if you have this by going under your deck and looking for a metal or plastic lip over the top of the ledger board.  If you do not have one, you should strongly consider it as part of a deck renovation in order to avoid rotting.

If you think it’s time for a professional inspection, a deck repair, or a whole new deck, call Boston Porch and Deck Co. for a free estimate!

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Azek University – Certificate of Completion


Boston Porch and Deck is excited to announce that it has successfully completed Azek University – an educational course on Azek building products and how to utilize them in the construction of porches and decks. The Certificate of Completions exhibits Boston Porch and Deck’s dedication towards using only the finest building products from the most respected brands in the industry. Our team had the pleasure to visit the Azek corporate headquarters in Scranton, PA, where we toured the facilities and received a hands-on lesson on how Azek’s building products are made. We also got a peek at some not-yet-released building products, which we are excited to use once they hit the market!  A big thanks goes out the Azek for their warm hospitality and for the Certificate of Completion. We look forward to continuing to utilize Azek and Timbertech building products on upcoming porch and deck projects! To learn more about the Azek and Timbertech products that we carry, contact us today or visit our showroom located at 387 Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead!

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Looking for Experienced Carpenters

Boston Porch and Deck is looking for experienced carpenters to join its team! We’re looking for hard-working individuals with experience in building and repairing porches, decks and railings. Full training can be provided for those looking for an apprentice position. Having your own tools is a bonus, but not a requirement. Boston Porch and Deck is experiencing tremendous growth and is seeking qualified porch and decker builders to contribute to this success. For more information, please contact John Serven at or  978-360-0060.

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Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Deck Repair


While deck maintenance can be performed in spring, summer, and sometimes winter, fall is arguably the best time to tackle repair projects for several reasons.

Last Chance Before Winter

As mentioned, deck repair projects can be completed in winter, but during most winters, the ground (and your deck) is covered with snow from roughly December to March. If New England sees an early snowfall, it may be April before work can be performed on your deck. Although you may not be using your deck in the winter, large amounts of snow and ice on your deck could cause it to collapse. Thus, it’s best to have your local deck contractor take a look before winter.

Railing Inspection

After all of the wear and tear that your deck typically goes through in the course of year, it’s wise to have your railings inspected, and if needed, tightened by a professional. New England winters usually bring high winds, freezing temperatures and high levels of precipitation – all of which can damage your railings and decrease the overall health of your deck.

Good Time to Stain

Staining can be tricky in warmer months due to higher levels of humidity and increased moisture. When there is a great deal of moisture on your deck, stains and sealant have a hard time fortifying. Wood needs time to dry, and with hot, humid summers, achieving such can be challenging at best.

Autumn in New England means crisp, cool weather with low humidity, which creates the perfect opportunity to stain or seal your deck. Staining and sealing your deck in the fall also means that it will be ready to go come spring.

A Clean Deck is a Happy Deck

While autumn in New England is a beautiful time of year, it can also be demanding on the part of homeowners. Leaves and other debris falling from trees can cause your deck to become a mess fairly quickly. Many deck professionals recommend power washing your deck and giving it a good clean before winter arrives. While maintaining a clean deck is always important, it is particularly important during fall.

To have your deck repaired or inspected before winter, or railings tightened, please give us a call today to schedule an appointment. Boston Porch and Deck will take care of any of your fall deck maintenance needs, so you can focus on football, foilage and pumpkin pie!

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Recent Deck Installation Projects

deck project north shore ma

It’s been a busy summer at Boston Porch and Deck. Throughout the North Shore and other areas of Massachusetts, we have helped several homeowners with a variety of home improvement projects. From repairs to railings to the installation of new porches, we’ve certainly stayed on our feet! The busy summer continued this past week when we remodeled the exterior of a few homes in Wenham, Beverly, Marblehead and Charlestown MA.

One of the projects involved installing new deck flooring, which really improves the visual appeal of the house. This project involved applying a stained finish to the deck to preserve it for several years. The stained deck was complemented with an eye-popping rail system, which contrasts the flooring very nicely. Adding to the appeal of this home is a set of deck furniture that allows the homeowner to enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts. Check out some of the photos from the project below:

Whether you’re looking to add on to your current deck or are starting from scratch, look no further than Boston Porch and Deck. Our experienced contractors use only the finest building products that truly stand the test of time. Moreover, we offer free estimates and accept all major credit cards for your convenience. For more information, please contact Boston Porch and Deck today!

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