TimberTech Decking

If you are considering composite decking material for your new deck or porch, look no further than TimberTech.


TimberTech is an innovative company that has produced low maintenance and extremely durable decking and railings materials. TimberTech products are made with about 22% recycled plastic to make a long lasting product. Not only will you get a deck or railing that will last long, but you will be using recycled materials. The rest of the material is made up of about 70% pure maple and 30% oak.  A reason why TimberTech decking has become so popular is because of their hidden fasten system. TimberTech is the only company that designs their own fasten that can be used only for their product.  While most products will require you to find the right third party fasten system to connect your boards, TimberTech makes their own.

Benefits of using TimberTech for you project:

  • Decking and railing do not need to sand or stain for the lifetime of the product.
  • The decking material is tough enough to resist mold, stains, scratches and mildew.
  • 25-Year warranty on fade and stain.
  • Fasteners are custom designed for the boards

We here at Boston Porch and Deck Co., have worked with TimberTech for multiple projects and are contractors well versed with the products strengths and requirements.Because of its long life expectancy, TimberTech decking will pay for itself and add value to your home. For a free estimate, please give us a call at 508-386-8107. We serve residents in the Greater Boston and North Shore areas!

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