Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Deck Repair


While deck maintenance can be performed in spring, summer, and sometimes winter, fall is arguably the best time to tackle repair projects for several reasons.

Last Chance Before Winter

As mentioned, deck repair projects can be completed in winter, but during most winters, the ground (and your deck) is covered with snow from roughly December to March. If New England sees an early snowfall, it may be April before work can be performed on your deck. Although you may not be using your deck in the winter, large amounts of snow and ice on your deck could cause it to collapse. Thus, it’s best to have your local deck contractor take a look before winter.

Railing Inspection

After all of the wear and tear that your deck typically goes through in the course of year, it’s wise to have your railings inspected, and if needed, tightened by a professional. New England winters usually bring high winds, freezing temperatures and high levels of precipitation – all of which can damage your railings and decrease the overall health of your deck.

Good Time to Stain

Staining can be tricky in warmer months due to higher levels of humidity and increased moisture. When there is a great deal of moisture on your deck, stains and sealant have a hard time fortifying. Wood needs time to dry, and with hot, humid summers, achieving such can be challenging at best.

Autumn in New England means crisp, cool weather with low humidity, which creates the perfect opportunity to stain or seal your deck. Staining and sealing your deck in the fall also means that it will be ready to go come spring.

A Clean Deck is a Happy Deck

While autumn in New England is a beautiful time of year, it can also be demanding on the part of homeowners. Leaves and other debris falling from trees can cause your deck to become a mess fairly quickly. Many deck professionals recommend power washing your deck and giving it a good clean before winter arrives. While maintaining a clean deck is always important, it is particularly important during fall.

To have your deck repaired or inspected before winter, or railings tightened, please give us a call today to schedule an appointment. Boston Porch and Deck will take care of any of your fall deck maintenance needs, so you can focus on football, foilage and pumpkin pie!

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