Top 5 Mistakes of Deck Building

Building a new deck can be a great invest for your home and family, especially when it’s summer. Ensuring that your deck is built properly should be your main concern when designing and building your deck. Here are the top five mistakes made when building a deck.


  • Forgetting to obtain a building permit before starting the project.

One the first things a homeowner and their contract should have before beginning the process of building your new deck. Forgetting to apply for a permit through your City Hall can halt your process could cost you hundreds in fines from the city. Typically permits process requires a sketch and specification of the deck you intend to build. The City’s Building Inspector will verify your plans to make sure that your plans meet the local safety and building. We recommend visiting your city inspector before beginning construction on your new deck


  • Installing Incorrect Fasteners

When designing your new deck, you must consider how your deck is going to be attached to your home. The durability and safety of your deck are determined by the way you choose to attach your deck to your home.


  • Incorrect Footings

Undersized footings are a common mistake that inexperienced contractors make. The base of your deck is determined by the footings. If your footings are uneven, it can cause sagging, warping or even the collapse of your new deck.


  • Improperly Installing Flashings

Flashing should be properly installed to prevent water from damaging your home. Water enters into your home at the point where the deck connects to your home. If your flashings are improperly installed, then it can cause erosion to the structure of your home and deck.


  • Improper Materials

Because our deck will be exposed to the elements than it is important that your deck is built with weather resistant materials to prevent rot and deterioration. We recommend using treated wood and materials that are designed to hold up against all weather conditions.


If you have questions about deck designs or are considering building a deck, then contact Boston Porch and Deck Co., and we will help you build your new deck.

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