Should I Get My Deck Resurfaced?

Many New Englanders still prefer to have wooden decks,  which can leave you with splitters. Even if your deck is in great condition, you still have to bear the lava-like wood during the hot summer months.




If the boards on your deck start to look worn out but your framing is still in good shape, then you should consider having your deck resurfaced with Trex. Trex is a long-lasting and low-maintenance material that would hurt your bare feet when you walk on it. This is not only durable but is eco-friendly, with boards consisting of 95% recycled wood and plastic. Trex is made from reclaimed sawdust, so that mean no trees are cut down to make Trex products.

Trex offers homeowners the luxury of wood without all the hassle of maintaining it throughout the years. So put away your paint brush and that bucket of staining and sealing because these composite boards can withstand snow, sleet, and the sun while maintaining their color. You can finally enjoy the comfort of your deck year after year.

Other Composite Material

Trex isn’t the only material you can use for your deck to withstand the harsh New England weather. If you drive around a suburban town outside of Boston, then you will see that the majority of the decks built today are made from wood, but don’t be a fool. Wooden deck are typically cheaper but is not really the right move considering the amount of maintenance that comes with it.  Composite materials only require a simply sweep and quick scrub with soapy water to keep clean and if you ever have trouble with termites eating your deck, well now you can enjoy your summer worry free with a composite deck.

Contact Boston Porch and Deck Co. to have your deck resurfaced. We have served Marblehead MA, and the Greater Boston Area since 1984 and will help you resurfacing your deck.

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