Credit Card Convenience at Boston Porch and Deck


Among the many factors that homeowners use in hiring a contractor is convenience. This includes how close the contractor is located in relation to their home, the hours in which the contractor typically performs work, and how smoothly the payment process works. The latter is especially important for many, as the process of paying for services can often be time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes, erroneous.

At Boston Porch and Deck, we strive to provide all of our customers with a stress-free and seamless process. As homeowners ourselves, we realize the annoyance of fumbling around your wallet or home for a blank check or getting billed but forgetting to send in payment.

Both are reasons why we gladly accept all major credit cards. In a world that is becoming increasingly paperless, we want to offer flexibility when it comes to paying for our services. In everything we do, we put the customer experience first and foremost.

For more information on the credit cards we accept, or our billing process, please contact Boston Porch and Deck today!


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Boston Porch and Deck is BBB Accredited!


Boston Porch and Deck is proud to announce that it has passed the Better Business Bureau’s accreditation process! In order to become a BBB accredited business, businesses are evaluated on 26 different criterions that determine, among other factors, whether the business is trustworthy, honest, and ethical. The Better Business Bureau has long acted as the middleman between consumers and businesses, warning consumers of scams and recommending businesses that meet its standards. Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau means that customers can feel confident doing business with an organization. Earning a BBB accreditation is especially important in the home service business where strangers are often entering the home of consumers. Boston Porch and Deck is very proud to announce its accreditation and would like to thank all current and past customers for helping make this possible!

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Coming Soon: Additions to our Porch & Deck Showroom!

Boston Porch and Deck is excited to announce additions coming to its showroom, located at 387 Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead! Our porch and deck showroom offers customers the opportunity to sample products and finishes before work is completed. Boston Porch and Deck offers a wide range of high-quality products from top brands such as Trex, Azek, Feeney, and Versatex. We use only the most durable and visually-appealing building products that will help create the porch or deck of your dreams.

Work is being completed on our showroom, including the addition of a second level, which we are expecting to be complete at some point this year. Be sure to follow our blog and social media pages for additional updates on the progress of our showroom, or get directions and visit it today!

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Why Should I Add Steel Railings to my Deck?


When it comes to adding railings to your deck, there are plenty of options. While Boston Porch and Deck is happy to provide homeowners with any type of railings that they desire, we strongly recommend steel railings. Why? There are plenty of benefits of steel railings that other materials do not offer. Below are just a few:

Visual Appeal

When it comes to the look and feel of your railings, steel is arguably the most visually appealing material. Steel railings add a level of sophistication and style to your deck that very few other materials can offer. Steel railings make your deck look much more high-quality, modern and inviting.

Unobstructed Views

Like glass, steel railings afford homeowners the ability to enjoy views of their backyard and surrounding scenery. Other materials prevent one from taking in the sights, which is one of the best parts of owning a deck.


Any experienced deck builder knows that steel railings are often the easiest to maintain. Other types of railings exhibit normal wear and tear while high-quality cable railings stand the test of time. Very often, the only maintenance that steel railings require is occasional cable tightening. Stainless steel is inherently a more sustainable building product, and thus, lasts longer than other materials, saving homeowners money they would normally spend on repair.

How Can I Add Steel Railings to my Deck?

If you are interested in adding steel railings to an existing or not-yet-built deck, contact Boston Porch and Deck today for more information! We’ll provide you with an accurate assessment of the cost to install steel railings on your deck and an estimated completion date. We’re happy to walk you through each step of the installation process or answer any questions you may have.




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Deck Installation and Repair for Boston Residents


Whether you live in the Back Bay, South End, Waterfront or the Fenway, you likely look forward to summertime in Boston. Fourth of July on the Esplanade, a Red Sox game, or a stroll around the Boston Common are all great ways to enjoy the warmer weather. But, as many Bostonians know, getting around in the city is not easy. Between rush hour traffic and an average-at-best public transportation system, Boston residents are often better off walking to their destination or simply enjoying the summer at home.

If you choose the latter, you likely want a space at your Boston apartment or condo where you can enjoy some fresh air, as well as the company of family and friends. However, if your property does not currently include outdoor access, yet you’d like to enjoy the warmer weather, you’re in a bit of a pickle. Unless, of course, you have the ability to add a deck onto your property. Decks are the perfect way to enjoy sunsets, fireworks, or just some sunshine without having to leave home. Decks can be also be customized to your liking — making space for grills, hot tubs, or any other activity than you plan to enjoy outdoors. Boston Porch and Deck has a wide variety of materials and finishes available, so you can select a style that is consistent with the look and feel of your home.

Perhaps you already own a deck, but are in need of repair services. Not a problem! We frequently help clients repair their decks, restoring them to their original condition. Stop wasting your summer outside and install or repair the deck of your dreams today! Boston Porch and Deck offers free estimates, so be sure to contact us today for more information! Want to sample or products? Visit our showroom at 387 Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead, MA!

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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Deck This Summer


Summer has officially arrived and what better way to enjoy the weather than on a brand new deck? In addition to increasing your home’s value and adding to its look and feel, decks provide a wealth of benefits for homeowners. Here are just five ways that you can enjoy your deck this summer:


One of the best uses for your deck is grilling — whether you are cooking for your family, or having some friends over, grilling is a great way to take advantage of your deck. During the “dog days of summer”, it often becomes too hot to cook outside. Your deck offers some fresh air and an opportunity to cook for others.


Pools: a timeless way to beat the heat. Instead of having to fight beach traffic or sharing a municipal pool with the general public, why not install an above ground pool on your deck? Pools not only help you cool off, but can provide hours of entertainment for family and friends. Best of all, you don’t have to share your pool with anyone else.


Have a green thumb? Decks also provide New Englanders with a space on which they can garden. Adding plants and flowers to a deck offers homeowners a recreational activity, while also sprucing up the look of the deck.


If your deck is big enough, it can serve as the perfect spot to host summer parties! Consider adding a bar or outdoor fireplace to your deck for added entertainment and appeal!


One of the best uses of a deck in the summertime is also one of the simplest. Decks are a great place to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the warmer weather. Boston Porch and Deck recommends adding plenty of deck furniture so that you can enjoy your backyard in total comfort.

For more ideas on how you can enjoy your deck this summer, contact Boston Porch and Deck today!

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Spring Is Here! Enjoy it with a New Porch or Deck!


Spring is finally here with temperatures expected to reach 60 and possibly even 7o degrees next week! After the winter that New England experienced, homeowners throughout the region are itching to enjoy warmer weather and get some fresh air. After being cooped up all winter, there is no better feeling than stepping outside on the first truly nice day of the season. It is an even better feeling when you can enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your own home.

This spring and summer, instead of having to find beach traffic or fight for a parking spot, why not enjoy the warmer weather in peace and quiet? Installing a new porch or deck is a great way to enjoy good weather, good food and drink, and each other’s company. For many, summer means firing up the grill and having a good time with family and friends. Porches and decks allow you invite neighbors over for a holiday BBQ or dinner party.

Additionally, a new porch or deck will not only add to the aesthetics of your property, but will also increase the value of your home. We have a variety of quality options available to match the look and feel of your home. Porches can be enjoyed nearly all year round, while decks can be utilized well into autumn.

To start enjoying the outdoors right from your home, give Boston Porch and Deck Co. a call or request a free estimate today!

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Snow Removal

Dont forget to remove the snow off of your decks and porches. With it raining its going to add even more weight to the snow and could potentially cause a deck or a porch to collapse.

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Winter is here

The winter is here and right now is the perfect time of the year to call and get estimates for the new deck or porch you always wanted. Spring will be here before you know it and having that new deck or porch for this summers cookouts and family gatherings makes all the difference in the world. Give Boston Porch and Deck a call at 508-386-8107 for your free estimate today!

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What are the Warning Signs of an Unsafe Deck?

Here are the top five warning signs of an unsafe deck:

  1. Missing Connections: A well built deck will have wood, nails, screws, and metal connectors. Take a look at your deck. If you’re missing any of these connections, your deck might be unsafe.
  2. Loose Connections:  On some decks, especially if they weren’t built properly, vital connections will begin to degrade over time. Issues like wobbly railings, loose stairs and ledgers will appear to be pulling away from the home. These are the most common signs that it is time to repair your deck.
  3. Corrosion of Fasteners and Connectors:  Nails, screws, and metal connectors will begin to rust over time. Rust and other signs of corrosion can weaken the overall structure of your deck.
  4. Rot: Over time, wood will begin to rot due to weather, insects, and other factors. Wood members within the frame of the deck can start to rot. When this happens, various parts of your deck will become unstable, making it very dangerous to walk on.
  5. Cracks: As the wood ages, more cracks may develop, weakening the stability of your deck. When your deck is weakened by cracks it becomes for susceptible to collapsing.
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